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 My long term intention, as a professional personal coach and team trainer,

is to reach and develop with my customers soft skills and personal values.


One of my focal points is to support my customers in enlarging

and enriching their own multicultural personality, their social behavior

and reach satisfaction with a good vibration in the social structures they live in.


My first value is

 a  fair collaboration, a responsible marketing, communication and

a respectful human development for cultural diversity.

I enjoy working with personalities in order to create

 an atmosphere where new ideas can be generated.


 Movement is the language of  human beings. (Dora Jacobs)

It is a pleasure for me to find new fields for best practice procedures.

Together we discover places in unusual settings

 in order to establish different abilities,

identities and  values.


A second goal is to train for a higher level of consciousness.

Inner and outer peace is necessary,

on the way to a higher, deeper and enjoyable

quality of life-work-balance.


A third goal in my personal coachings and team trainings

is to find out solutions, strategies and the deeper meaning of

certain repetitive problems in projects.

 For more information please contact asvision@asvision.de